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Disable The Default Unity Resolution Dialog By Default

Change Quality Defaults

Remove Super Weird Fog

Use Some Different Sprites And Textures Like Replace The Stamina One And Try To Get A Custom Grass Texture

Fix Forridden On The Screen After The Splash Screen

Those Are Some Features You Can Add

Thanks for the advice! I didn't know you could disable the resolutions dialog, thanks for that! I built it in now, so it looks a little cleaner:

I might keep the fog because it (tries) to make the game feel more intense with the more supplies you get, and I'll probably replace some textures too. Thanks again!


wow! good job! incredible game :D

Thanks!! :D

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i was inspired by your twitter so i added occulsion culling to creepyface too! You will see that in 1.9!

Cool!! It's really easy to implement, all you have to do is go to Windows > Rendering > Occlusion Culling, and just hit bake!

I knew that but the maze looks like it is one floor when i am in the visualation tab which i find funny



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I really like the idea you've started with this game! The mix between a chaser, and a collectible puzzle sort of game. The aesthetic seems really really spoopy (just in time :) ). 

But I noticed a few bugs. It won't let me move my mouse for some reason (Also if you use c# in unity, then maybe I could help you out on that). Also, the UI sliders you have for your sprint and fear are still interactable (On the slider component, you can find a boolean for interactable).

But, I digress, all in all, I'm excited for the final version. Can't wait to see your project 10/10

-Nick Chaps :)


Thanks for your feedback!! Hmmm... maybe the mouse is stuck because the sensitivity is low? The settings can be found on the lower left-hand corner of the menu on the poorly made "cogwheel" icon, and you can adjust the sensitivity from there, along with a few other things. I just used the basic FPS Controller built-in with unity, too. Also, I had no idea the sliders were interactable until now! Thanks dude!! I'll push a new update with patches soon, and maybe some more... ;)


Thanks! I didn't notice that cogwheel until you said it! I'm still loving it even more now that I can play! I actually got jumpscared a bunch! 10/10 keep up the incredible work